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Liu Yiming Visits Leaders of Jingzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:25 August 2017
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  On August 20, Liu Yiming, General Manager & Deputy Party Secretary of CFMCC, visited Yang Zhi, Secretary of Jingzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Cui Yonghui, Mayor of Jinzhou city. They held in-depth talks on further deepening cooperation and promoting joint development.

  Mr. Liu expressed his gratitude to the warm reception of leaders of Jingzhou municipal party committee and government. He said, CFMCC has been comprehensively promoting its transformation and upgrading and has made breakthroughs in the aspects of urban infrastructure, indemnificatory housing, and emerging industry, including large municipal engineering projects such as Wuhan Second Ring Road Hankou Section Project and Wuhan Jinqiao Avenue Project, and emerging industry projects such as Wuhan Qingshan River Bank Reconstruction Project and Qingshan Sponge Community Reconstruction Project which are the pilot projects of Wuhan sponge city construction. Mr. Liu said, Jingzhou has seen a rapid development in recent years, CFMCC will carry out broad cooperation in Jingzhou based on the Jingzhou development zone, and CFMCC is willing to make deep cooperation with Jingzhou government to make greater contributions to Jingzhou’s urban infrastructure construction by giving full play to its advantages in management, capital, technology, etc.

  Mr. Yang and Mr. Cui expressed their welcome to Mr. Liu and other CFMCC leaders. They said, Jingzhou is not only a place with history, culture and stories, but also a hot spot of investment. At present, Jingzhou is comprehensively starting the construction of “three zones in one city and one zone with many parks”, further optimizing the distribution of the first, second and third industry, overall planning the coordinated development of both sides of the river and three places, building the forerunner area of economic transformation and upgrading, to achieve the goal of Jingzhou’s revitalization in ten years and to become the bellwether of multipolar development in Hubei province. As CFMCC is a enterprise with three Premium-Class qualifications and three Class A qualifications as well as a long history and strong strength, and as the first phase of the urbanization construction project in Jingzhou development zone is progressing well, Jingzhou municipal government hopes to further deepen the cooperation with CFMCC in future and to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

  Duan Changlin, Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of Jingzhou Party Committee, and Fu Zhifeng, Deputy Mayor of Jingzhou city, and Chen Bin, Secretary-General of Jingzhou Municipal Government, and Guo Fengyi, Deputy Secretary General of Jingzhou Municipal Government, and Wang Tongyi, Director of Jingzhou Housing Construction Committee, and Huang Tao, Deputy General Manager of CFMCC, and Zhang Zhujian, Manager of CFMCC Jingzhou Company, and Hu Yijun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of CFMCC Jingzhou Company, and Shi Qianshao, Deputy Director of CFMCC Sales & Marketing Department also attended the meeting.

  By Song Hanying


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