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Song Zhanjiang Meets with Party Secretary and President of HHSCIOC Wen Zhenfu
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:24 August 2017
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  On August 17, Song Zhanjiang, Party Secretary and President of CFMCC, met with Wen Zhenfu, Party Secretary and President of Hubei Hongtai State-owned Capital Investment Operation Group Co. Ltd (HHSCIVOC). They held talks in a cordial and friendly atmosphere and exchanged views on expanding cooperation.

  Mr. Song expressed his gratitude to Mr. Wen for the warm reception and introduced briefly about the historical development and status quo of CFMCC. He said, since CFMCC was founded in 1954, it has been undertaking the construction tasks of the national steel industry key projects. Based on the metallurgical construction, CFMCC also completed a lot of non-metallurgical construction projects all over the country, especially since the year 2009, CFMCC has been vigorously promoting its transformation and upgrading and has made outstanding achievements in the construction aspects of the municipal infrastructure, urban underground pipe gallery, sponge city and so on, and it became the first enterprise to be awarded with three Premium-Class qualifications and three Class A qualifications in Hubei province and China Metallurgical Group Corporation (MCC) in 2016. Mr. Song said, as HHSCIVOC is the most influential financial holding group and state-owned capital investment operation platform in Hubei province with strong strength, CFMCC hopes to make comprehensive cooperation with it and achieve the win-win development by giving play to the advantages of both sides in their respective business areas.

  Mr. Wen expressed his welcome to Mr. Song and other leaders of CFMCC. He praised CFMCC for its achievements during the transformation development and introduced briefly about the basic information of HHSCIVOC. Mr. Wen said, as HHSCIVOC is a provincial financial platform with strong investment and financing ability as well as high level of capital operation, it hopes to make in-depth cooperation with CFMCC in the aspects of the building construction, real estate development, infrastructure construction, new materials and process of construction, logistics, capital operation, etc. by giving play to their respective advantages, and become a close strategic partnership of CFMCC to achieve joint development.

  Zhai Dingyuan, Deputy Secretary and Vice President of HHSCIVOC, and Liu Wei, Deputy General Manager of HHSCIVOC, and Zhang Tangrong, Head of the Financial Management Department of HHSCIVOC, and Huang Junfei, Deputy Director of the Capital Operation Department, and Tian Jianghong, Deputy Director of the General Management Department of HHSCIVOC, and Ding Yun, Strategic Investment Manager of HHSCIVOC, and Yu Yan, President of Hongtai Cultural Tourism Investment Company, and Zhang Xuanqiang, President of Huachuang Emerging Industry Investment Company, and Wang Xianxiang, General Manager of Hongli Real Estate Company, Guo Jizhou, Deputy General Manager of CFMCC, and Cao Jie, Chief Accountant of CFMCC, and heads of CFMCC relevant departments and units also attended the meeting.

  By Zhong Wei


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