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Xinhua News Agency Reported That CFMCC Attended International Renewable Energy Exhibition in Pakistan
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:27 March 2017
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On March 19, Xinhua News Agency published an article under the title “Chinese Hi-tech Enterprises Attended the International Renewable Energy Exhibition in Pakistan”, which focused on CFMCC’s participation in the 6th International Renewable Energy Exhibition. Pakistan mainstream media and Chinese media like,,,, etc. republished this article.
The article pointed out that Pakistan Photovoltaic Power Station located in Punjab Province undertaken by CFMCC only took 10 months to combine to the grid, which won great acclaim from the local government and its people. As one of the 19 Chinese hi-tech enterprises in the 6th International Renewable Energy Exhibition in Pakistan closed on March 18, CFMCC has attracted much attention and intended to cooperate with more than a dozen enterprises.
The exhibition aims to promote latest technologies and solutions of renewable energy to address energy shortage problem and promote economic and social development. It mainly concentrates on photovoltaic power generation, intelligent energy solutions and technologies, as well as energy storage systems and renewable energy heating. More than 50 enterprises from China, USA, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries attended the exhibition.

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